Bytown Storm Program Information

Bytown Storm strives to develop a passion for an active healthy lifestyle through systematic and progressive programs that encourage fair play, equality, good sportsmanship and the pursuit of personal excellence through sport.

Our programs are grounded on the ethos that  during the early stages of development, we stress developing the skill sets that will determine great performance as the athlete matures.   As an athlete transitions further through the development pathway performance becomes an important part of the sport. This concept is introduced and supported as the athlete develops objectives and goals in competitions where performance is imperative.  Our Provincial, National, and International level athletes have developed a large “vocabulary” of skill sets that enable them to compete in the most challenging of environments.  Triathlon is not conducted in a controlled environment and therefore  athletes need to develop an array of skills in order to adapt to any course or environment.  We support and encourage our athletes to be patient and persistent and pursue mastering the core skill sets as the pathway to achieving their personal objectives.

Regardless of an athlete’s objective our coaches and community support each individual as they develop and decide which pathway is best for them.  As coaches we are just as proud of our members who represent Canada on the International ITU circuit as we are of those who still compete in local races and live an active lifestyle.