Try Triathlon for Two Weeks!

Give Triathlon at Tri!

Contact us today and ask about our FREE trial period.  Participate in the full program for up to 2 weeks from March 29th to April10th. 

Contact us at or call or text us at 613-323-5255

Develop skills and fitness in a multidiscipline training environment! Learn to swim! Ride bikes! And improve your running! 

Bytown Youth Recreation Program

The Storm Recreation Program,  introduces the basic skills of swimming, cycling and running in a comfortable and non-competitive environment.  Regardless of whether you are interested in doing a triathlon or not, this is the perfect cross training program to enhance fitness, strength and provide a variety of movements that help with any sport. This is also the perfect complement to the athlete who participates in other sports.

The REC program includes multiple sessions per week in swim, bike, and run training.
Coaches will work with athletes / families to develop their own schedule based on available practices and can choose sessions that fit best into their schedule. Coaches will develop training groups that are fun, social and challenging based on the athlete’s time and objective.


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