Swimming with Bytown – AG Program

Swimming with Bytown - Age Group Swim/Bike/Run Program

“I’d like to be stronger on the bike. I’d like to get faster on the run. ….and the swim is the swim..” 

We’ve heard this a thousand times.. getting better in the water for those who entered the sport as adults seems like an impossible task. But it really just comes down to having the right direction and feedback. 

Adults who dont have a background in swim struggle with body awareness in the water. Executing drills and workouts written on a whiteboard only gets you so far if you don’t have good feedback from a coach to help you understand what you’re doing and why you’re doing it. 

Weekly Swim Sessions

Rather than provide multiple swims per week, we offer one technique and form focused swim per week. 

In this session we focus on improving overall swim form and providing feedback that you can take back and integrate in your other swim sessions. 

Like the run sessions, our swim sessions have low coach-to-athlete ratio meaning you get plenty of individual feedback. 

You will get a workout, but don’t expect to swim as much distance as you do on your own. Our goal here isn’t volume, it’s skill. 


Weeks 1-3 Body Position and Awarenss
The first sections focuses largely on body position in the water and developing body awareness. Here we work on rotation (and breathing!) and alignment in the water. 

Weeks 4-6 Stroke Mechanics
Once we understand how to hold our body in the water, we can develop proper stroke mechanics, from the catch, to the finish, and back to recovery. 

Weeks 7-9 Kick
Why kick? Your legs have to work so hard on the bike and run shouldn’t we save them? Yes, in the sense that we’re not trying to create propulsion with our kick. We don’t need to kick hard, we need to kick efficiently. A good efficient kick helps with balance, position, and rotation regardless if we’re in a wetsuit or not! 

Weeks 10 & 11 Time Trials and Race Simulation
Here we practice things like race takeout speed, 500-1500m time trial and race pacing. 

Get on the Waitlist!

Because spaces are limited and our Fall program sold out within a few hours, we have opened a waitlist for those interested in joining. 

Registration spots will roll down the waitlist based on postion, so add your name today! 

Brewer Park Waiting List

Add your name to the waiting list for the Winter session of the Bytown AG Triathlon Club Program. 

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