Running with Bytown – AG Program

Running with Bytown - Age Group Swim/Bike/Run Program

Running is a bit like swimming, you can spend thousands of hours running or swimming, but without making an effort to improve form and technique, you won’t make much forward progress with your pace. 

Our Age Group program is all about developing good form with hands-on training sessions led by professional coaches. We work through the elements of good run mechanics gradually making sustainable changes to run form. 



Most age group triathletes have probably never done run drills, or haven’t done them since high school track. 

Just as in swimming, drills are important for learning how to run properly, how to engage the right muscles, and how to develop better movement patterns. 

Each sessions focuses on a particular aspect of run form, and includes complementary drills to help learn and reinforce good form.  


Weeks 1-3 Leg Mechanics
The first three weeks are dedicated to learning the basics of how the legs actually function while running. Triathletes tend to be quad-dominant runners, and adults in general tend to be disconnected from their muscles. In the first 3 weeks we learn which muscles need to engage, when they need to engage, and how to engage them. 

Hips, glutes, hamstrings are all going to get a good workout in this first phase. 

Weeks 4-6 Posture
Posture is key to good run form. This includes how to balance the body while running, arm carriage, head position, and hip and pelvic position and angle. 

Weeks 7-9 Economy
Once we understand how to run properly, we need to develop economy of movement. In this section we work on cadence/turnover, and reinforce the mechanics of movement learned in the previous sections. 

Weeks 10 & 11 Pacing and Racing
Here we move into pacing and racing practice and reinforcement of learned skills. 

Skill Levels

We keep coach-to-athlete ratios low that way coaches can refine sessions based on individual ability. This means that beginners and advanced athletes will benefit from the program. 

Get on the Waitlist!

Because spaces are limited and our Fall program sold out within a few hours, we have opened a waitlist for those interested in joining. 

Registration spots will roll down the waitlist based on postion, so add your name today! 

Brewer Park Waiting List

Add your name to the waiting list for the Winter session of the Bytown AG Triathlon Club Program. 

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