Registration Now Open!

Registration is now open for Bytown Storm Recreation, Development and Age Group Programs!

COVID-19 has made life difficult for all of us but fortunately we’re able to provide fall and winter programming to our youth and age group athletes!

Recreation Program

The Storm Recreation Program,  introduces the basic skills of swimming, cycling and running in a comfortable and non-competitive environment.  Regardless of whether you are interested in doing a triathlon or not, this is the perfect cross training program to enhance fitness, strength and provide a variety of movements that help with any sport. This is also the perfect complement to the athlete who participates in other sports.

The REC program includes up to 3 sessions per week, coaches will work with athletes / families to develop their own schedule based on available practices and can choose session that fit best into their schedule.  Coaches will develop training groups that are fun, social and challenging based on the athletes time and objective.

Development Program

The Storm Development Program works much like the competitive stream in other sports; athletes who show an interest in developing the fitness and skills that will allow them to progress to Provincial and National competition. 

The Development Program is for athletes who are interested in training more consistently and enjoy the challenges and variety of training in multiple sports. Athletes are supplied with a Training Peaks account (on line training log).   The Development program encourages athletes to set training goals, discover training at different levels of effort, and helps build  time management skills.

Athletes can attend up to 6 sessions per week based on their availability and objectives.  Training programs in this program become personalized and is a great choice for those athletes who are crossing over from another sport or those looking to expand their skill sets in swimming, cycling and running. This program is also a great entry way into TRIATHLON ONTARIO‚ÄôS Provincial Development program.

Age Group Program

New for fall 2020 is the Bytown Storm Age Group program! This program leverages our professional coaches to provide high level coaching and training for athletes of a wide range of abilities.

The program is small in order to ensure that each athlete receives ample one-to-one time with the coach at swim, bike, and run sessions.

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