New Age Group Program for 2020!


Bytown Storm Triathlon is introducing an age group program for fall/winter/spring of 2020/2021.

COVID has been a trying year for the club and the sport, but after a successful pilot age group swim program early in the year, Bytown has decided to expand into a full age group club/training program.

Our age group program is relatively small, and we designed it that way! Rather than have a large group of athletes all executing the same workout with volunteer coaches, we wanted to leverage the expertise of the professional coaches in the club for a more personal experience.

Our training program is designed to work alongside your current training plan, whether that be through one of our coaches, on your own, or another coach. Rather than focus specifically on fitness, each session will be dedicated to the mechanics of motion in the three triathlon disciplines.


Swimming is available once/week with two locations and times to choose. In the fall we will operate out of Brewer Park on Saturdays and Richcraft Recreation Complex on Wednesday mornings.

We’re limited in space due to COVID restrictions but we also want to make sure that there is a small coach/athlete ratio. This ensures that coaches will have ample opportunity to work with each athlete individually on their specific needs. This isnt the kind of swim program where you show up and follow a workout on a board!


Due to COVID-19 we are offering a virtual cycling program via Zwift. Each ride will have a coach leading the ride, who will instruct onscreen providing the athletes with guidance and individual goals and targets.


Like swimming, running is largely a technical sport where big gains can be made from improving running form and developing better economy of motion. Our run workouts will feature drills and one-to-one coaching with our professional coaches to improve your form over time so you can be faster more effective runners.

A Complete Triathlete

The benefit of the all-in-one program is that you’ll coached by experienced triathlon coaches who understand not only the individual demands of each discipline but also how they interact with each other as a complete sport.

This means your swimming, cycling, and running workouts will be focussed on the demands of triathlon racing and participation! you’ll improve in all three individual disciplines, but also develop the skills to put together a complete race where each discipline supports the others. You can’t have a strong run without a good bike, and you can’t have a good bike without a good swim!

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