Cycling with Bytown – AG Program

Cycling with Bytown - Age Group Swim/Bike/Run Program

Communication and Direction

Each workout has a Bytown coach present in the group as the designated ride leader. 

Learning Opportunities
Because your coach is on the ride with you, we use these rides as both workouts and teachable moments to discuss topics related to triathlon. Everything from the physiological benefits of the specific workout, to nutrition, to race execution and tactics, and sometimes just fun banter. 

With our age group program, each session is lead by a professional coach, not a volunteer! These sessions allow athletes to gain access to the expertise of their coach. 


During the Spring/Summer our cycling workouts are devoted to layering sport-specific fitness onto the aerobic base we’ve been building through winter and spring. 

Focus shifts to applying cycling fitness to triathlon-specific situations, such as swim-bike bricks and bike-run brick workouts. 

We develop the ability to hold position on the aerobars, and improve pedaling efficiency and mechanics while performing race effort intensities and simulations. 

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