Zwifting with Bytown – AG Program

Zwifting with Bytown - Age Group Swim/Bike/Run Program

COVID has obviously had a great impact on how we administer group training sessions. Virtual platforms like Zwift have been on the rise for several years but because of new restrictions and limitations on indoor spaces, people are turning to Zwift in droves! 

Using Zwift has allowed the Bytown Age Group program to function while avoiding close contact in confined spaces as much as possible. 


The Age Group program leverages the meet-up functionality of Zwift to run private group workouts virtually. 

Keep Together
Keep together is an important component of the meet-up functionality, allowing riders of all ability levels to stay together on a closed course together. This mean no matter how hard each of us is working, we stay together inside the virtual environment. 

This allows riders to work at their own individual ability level. No one is pushing harder or going easier than they ought to be. 

Communication and Direction

Each workout has a Bytown coach present in the group as the designated ride leader. This mean their messages to the group appear in bold large font directly in front of each rider. 

This provides the ability for the ride leader to give specific instructions during the ride and provide guidance and feedback on efforts. 

Learning Opportunities
Because your coach is on the ride with you, we use these rides as both workouts and teachable moments to discuss topics related to triathlon. Everything from the physiological benefits of the specific workout, to nutrition, to race execution and tactics, and sometimes just fun banter. 

With our age group program, each session is lead by a professional coach, not a volunteer! These controlled-environment sessions allow athletes to gain access to the expertise of their coach. 


Because our program runs primarily in the fall, winter, and spring, we focus the fitness side of our workouts around developing base fitness structured mainly around polarized training.

Every session will include some intensity but we also incorporate skills development and cycling proficiency.

Weeks 1- 3
We start with a focus on cadence and pedaling dynamics. Reinforcing proper pedal stroke, and learning how to spin quickly.

Weeks 4-6
From skills we move onto development of aerobic power and aerobic capacity.

Weeks 7-9
We move on from a polarized training model to a more classic tempo/sweet sport/threshold approach. Here we begin to develop race specific fitness and pacing skills. We learn how to ride steady on flats and climbs, how to manage efforts over variable terrain, and how to determine a proper pacing strategy.

Weeks 10 & 11
We incorporate everything into what we call stochastic training. This involves applying and reinforcing skills and fitness we have developed throughout the program so you can start the season ready to race. 

Additional Rides

The age group program includes on specific interval session each week, but there are also open endurance rides typically held on Sunday mornings which anyone can be invited to. 

Occasionally we also run time trials and test events for athletes throughout the winter. 

Get on the Waitlist!

Because spaces are limited and our Fall program sold out within a few hours, we have opened a waitlist for those interested in joining. 

Registration spots will roll down the waitlist based on postion, so add your name today! 

Brewer Park Waiting List

Add your name to the waiting list for the Winter session of the Bytown AG Triathlon Club Program. 

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