Bytown Age Group Swim Program

Bytown Storm Age Group Triathlon Program

Feeling a little rusty in the pool after a year of pool closures? Having difficulty getting pool time or pool time longer than 60min? Check out the Bytown Age Group Triathlon program and get your swim form back into racing shape! 

The new program focusses on improving technical performance in triathlon with primary emphasis on swimming. The program is centred around a 90min swim session at the Nepean Sportsplex where athletes will work on form and technical aspects of swimming from fundamentals to advanced tactical elements like drafting and sighting. 

There will be a fitness component to these sessions but the primary focus is developing improved form and technique in the water so athletes can take the feedback, corrections, and drills they receive and learn in these sessions to their own practices during the week. 


Body Position and Balance
Triathletes, particularly those with no youth background in swimming struggle with body position and balance in the water. We’ll work on balance, alignment, and rotation to improve your overall efficiency. 

Stroke Mechanics
Once we understand how to hold our body in the water, we can develop proper stroke mechanics, from the catch, to the finish, and back to recovery. 

A good efficient kick helps with balance, position, and rotation regardless if we’re in a wetsuit or not! 

Race Tactics and Drafting
Work on pacing strategies, drafting techniques and sighting to improve your ability to navigate an open water swim course! 


When: Saturdays from 3:00pm – 4:30pm
Where: Nepean Sportsplex
Duration: September 18, 2021 to December 2021.

Optional Zwift Sessions
The program will also feature regular Zwift sessions typically held on Tuesday evenings and Sunday mornings when the weather no longer permits outdoor riding. These sessions will focus on developing pedal stroke efficiency and base aerobic fitness. Attending these sessions throughout the winter will allow athletes to develop the base fitness required to build event demand specific fitness in spring. 

Optional Track Sessions
Like our swim sessions, these track runs will focus on form and technique using drills and intervals to improve overall run form and efficiency and aid in injury prevention. These sessions will run whenever the weather permits. 

Pricing: $375+HST 

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